Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We LOVE our Customers SO much!

This month is all about LOVE, and as most of you know I truly LOVE being able to serve MY Central Florida community by providing a hip hang out for you and your kiddo's to chillax at and PLAY!
I LOVE seeing all of your children's faces light up as they bounce on our trampoline, play in our sand box or make dinner for you in our "custom" wooden kitchen!
I LOVE seeing those of you that take advantage of our FREE WiFi to get work done or simply being a place that you can visit to get in some adult conversation.
If you didn't know, every inch of Amaya Papaya was created with LOVE using more of my HEART than my hands.  Although it takes major physical effort, your dollar$ and many sleepless nights :) to keep this place operating, It's is truly your LOVE of AP that makes it all worth it!
Please be sure to continue to show your LOVE for AP by visiting us often and participating in one of our exciting events this month. It's YOU that keeps us here during these hard econimic times and YOU that will keep us here for many years to come!  THANK YOU!
During the month of February look out for our "We Love of customers SO much" campain.  During this month we will be giving away FREE passes to AP, goodies from our prefered vendors and other swag that you will want to get. :) Be sure to become a fan of ours on Facebook if you are not and look out for the goodies!

Also, during the month of February AP will celebrate Black History month by posting a Black History fact a day on our FACEBOOK page.  WE will choose facts that are kids friendly that toddlers and pre-schoolers can relate to.  We ask that you share these facts with your little ones and educate them about these awesome Black Americans. 

Amaya's mom

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top Benefits of Consigning - Boutique For a Week

 The thought of going through all the items that I could consign at the next kid’s consignment sale is daunting, to say the least.  However, I have found that this little exercise in staying on top of stuff around the house, and not allowing clutter to grow, is a great incentive for me to take time out of my busy schedule and earn some much needed cash.

Being a consignor for local kids and baby consignment sale is essential for me if I want to earn a few extra bucks and get the kids newer toys or new outfits.  I know that there will be hundreds, if not thousands of moms, just like me, who are all out for the same thing … getting a great deal and meeting the needs of my growing family.

Taking time to gather, tag and price my items to sell is a practice I’ve engaged in for about 3 years now.  I know that I have and will probably earn close to $700 if I price my items right.  Most kid’s consignment sales will only allow clothing and toys in nearly new condition.  I have seen that the competition is great, so I want my toys and clothing items to be the first great deal another mom gets to take home for her family.

I also love the idea that at the end of the sale, any items I have left can be donated to a worthy charity in our community.  So, the benefits of consigning are:

  • Earn extra cash
  • Donate to the Community
  • De-Clutter my house
  • Get the kids ‘new to them’ clothes, toys, books, DVD’s and more

What’s not to like about that?

For more information check out Boutique For a Week at http://www.boutiqueforaweek.net/

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meet Orlando Baby and Me in Spanish!

My name is Joanna Bucaro, I am the owner of Orlando Baby & Me in Spanish, I am a mompreneur, mother of three and a  preschool teacher. I was born and raised in a family of teachers.  My native language is Spanish.  
Teaching children Spanish is my passion and call in life. I know that I can impact children’s lives by doing so.  I have experienced in my own life the endless opportunities you have when you are bilingual and know how important it is to speak two languages.
 In order to explain to parents the importance of being bilingual I always ask my parents to hold a set of  keys that I provide and give them the following  example.  “If each one of these keys would open a different door of opportunity in your child’s future, how many of the keys would you give them?  Would you limit them and give them just one or two?  Of course, most parents say they want to give their child all of them and that’s the way it should be, do you agree?  One of the keys is of course being bilingual.  
More and more research is being done about how young children’s brain absorbs and learns languages and the cognitive benefits of it.    
 I’m committed to teach very young children, I want to be able to support parents in their journey of raising bilingual children which takes a lot of perseverance and patience.   I want to be a source to make this journey easier. 
Since children learn through play, I make sure every time I’m teaching we do it through games, songs, dancing and a lot of more fun activities, I want kids to have a Spanish blast and look forward to coming to learn again.    
Personally is a journey that I am enjoying to the fullest! 
If you are interested in enrolling your child in a class please join me at Amaya Papaya Play Lounge for Orlando Baby and Me in Spanish Playdates  EVERY 1st Monday of the month at 9am - 9:45am. Classses are only $14 per child!
During the month of February as a part of Amaya Papaya's "We LOVE our Customers SO MUCH" Campain we will be offering the February Playdate for 50% OFF! That's right a 45 minute class for $7.00! Register online at www.amayapapaya.com or at Amaya Papaya! 
When you register please enter the code LOVE213
I look forward to meeting you in February for our Valantines Playdate class "Corazones (Hearts)"! 
Joanna Bucaro

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Shop O Rama : Gift and Craft market

Amaya Papaya is hosting a Holiday Shop-O-Rama Craft and Gift Market! This event will be held on Thursday December 13, 2012 @ 5:30pm-8:30pm at Amaya Papaya Play Lounge 3385 S. U.S. 17/92 Ste 269 Casselberry, FL 32707.  

At this event participants will be able to:
Shop for those one of a kind items from local home based businesses and independent consultants 


Help raise money and donate non-perishable food items for the Casselberry Care Cabin

The event will include exhibitors who own local businesses that are family, mommy and kid friendly.

The event will be FREE for adult participants with a non perishable food item and they will have a chance to win prizes through raffles. 

Kids are welcome to play in the lounge for $9.99 during the event

All profits of the raffle will benefit the Casselberry Care Cabin here in Casselberry, Florida.  

Vendors added thus far:

Kims Pink Home / Pink Zebra

Scentsy by Renee Pearson

Sweet Summer Baby

Kiskin Spa Essentials

If you own a local business and would like to become a vendor please email Yolonda @ info@amayapapaya.com

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Orlando Baby and Me in Spanish

My name is Joanna Bucaro, I am the owner of Orlando Baby & Me in Spanish, I am a mompreneur, mother of three and a passionate preschool teacher. I was born and raised in a family of teachers in Guatemala. So, for me teaching is just part of my life. My native language is Spanish, I learned English as an exchange student when I was 12 years old. I started working with children from a very young age helping my mom with her students. I have had experience teaching children in my home country and also in the US. I have taught in classroom settings, tutored, been a Sunday school teacher and also co-owner of Kids’ Center in Guatemala City.
I came to live in Orlando Florida 9 years ago. I had been planning to open my own business for about two years until, at the beginning of this year I decided to do it. When I was trying to decide what my business was going to be about, I knew it had to be related to children because that’s what I can do best. So, I kept asking myself: how can I make a difference with what I have and who I am? After countless nights of thinking, one day it just came to my mind “I have to teach Spanish to young children”. So I started doing my research, I was pleased to confirm the following:
- Research supports that there are cognitive benefits to being bilingual.
- Statistics tell us that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US, especially in states like Florida where there is a large Hispanic population.
- The younger a child is, the easiest they learn a second language.
- The fact that the parents would be present during the classes/playdates would allow me to share with them the importance of teaching their children Spanish.

Now, I was sure that I could make a difference in those children’s lives opening the door to many opportunities for their future by introducing the Spanish language in an interactive and fun way and that’s when Orlando Baby & Me in Spanish and the concept of bilingual playdates was born.
For me, this is not only my business but my passion and call to be able to plant the seed of a lifelong love for learning and mastering the Spanish Language.

Classes at Amaya Papaya on the 1st Mondays of the month @ 9am!

Sign up at www.amayapapaya.com

Joanna Bucaro